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Inkloosive™ certification defines how companies that value the business contributions of a diverse and inclusive workforce achieve superior market results. Such organizations show authentic, consistent appreciation for the value that D&I brings to the table, making it a core consideration that infuses the culture, guides leadership behavior, and aligns seamlessly with efforts to achieve overarching organizational goals. Our certification program will highlight your D&I efforts so your customers know that you are Inkloosive™.

Any business seeking certification should understand the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What are the benefits to certification?

Provides business standard certification

Demonstrates commitment to D&I

Access to training resources

Creates a competitive advantage for organizations

Drives consistency, competence and control

Provides accountability for aims and objectives

Listing in the InKloosive Directory

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Participation in community program

InKloosiveVendor™ Program

Introducing the first ever supply chain certification program for a company and all of its vendors.   InKloosiveVendor™ will certify each vendor in a companies supply chain.

Annual Cost and Pricing

1 – 25 Employees                                $10,000

25 – 50 Employees                              $25,000

50 – 100 Employees                            $50,000

100 – 250 Employees                          $75,000

250 – 500 Employees                          $100,000

500 – 1000 Employees                        $150,000

1000 – 3000 Employees                      $250,000

3000 – 10,000 Employees                   $500,000

10,000 – 30,000 Employees               $750,000

30,000 – 60,000 Employees              $1,000,000

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